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By day, I'm a robotics engineer and project manager and have developed novel consumer products as well as doing extensive research in drone development.

As an astrophotographer, I've been in the hobby for a few years and really enjoy diving deep into every aspect of the hobby.  I love pushing processing techniques to the limits and finding new ways to bring out the faint stuff.  As an engineer, my heart is always in improving modifying my gear to get every last ounce of performance possible.  I also enjoy being one of the founders and administrators of The Astro Imaging Channel, a weekly class and web space devoted to sharing all things astrophotography with the broader community including processing tutorials, hardware reviews, software intros, and more.  Finally, I truly appreciate the social aspect of the hobby and all of the wonderful people I meet.  Most importantly, I absolutely love sharing this hobby with my dad as a true bonding experience and a way to explore the country together!

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